Kurt Bodewig Bundesminister a.D.

Chairman of the Baltic Sea Forum

The Baltic Sea Forum was founded in 1992 as a finnish-german interest group for furthering the economic, political and cultural coalescence of the abutting nations of the baltic sea.

The forum enjoys a close and dense network of members and partners in various economic sectors and in political, scientific and cultural spheres and constantly works to strengthen these bonds. Beyond that, the Baltic Sea Forum closely cooperates with the respective governments of the nations along the baltic sea as well as with other governmental, regional and local institutions.

The Baltic Sea Forum is led by an international board, which Kurt Bodewig chairs since 2003. Members of the board are renowned persons of economic, political and cultural importance in the Baltic Sea region. An outstanding board of trustees supports its activities.

The office of the chair of the Baltic Sea Forum in Hamburg works in intensive coordination with the members of the board. The Baltic Sea Forum maintains representative offices in all Baltic nations as well as all german coastal Bundesländer, in Brussels and in Switzerland.

The Baltic Sea Forum is one of two strategic partners of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS).