Kurt Bodewig Bundesminister a.D.

About me

The United Europe is the one great opportunity of our continent. Being a part of this transformation has been a magnificent challenge of this decade. The European Union is incomparably capable and potent due to the Treaty of Lisbon. These matters have been my primary focus in the last few years. The financial crisis and the issue of refugees are challenging the European Union. In my opinion, the future is only to master in an United Europe.

Ever since I started in politics, and especially since becoming a Member of the German Bundestag, Parliamentary State Secretary, Secretary and eventually European Coordinator, two issues have been at the very center of my work: furthering the economic success of our Nation for the benefit of all and making sure that our powerful and lively democracy is strengthened for our future generations.

Politics by itself cannot solve all the world's problems. We need a complementary effort of people from all walks of life: economists, scientists, unionists and local community organizers.

As a Member of the German Bundestag for three consecutive terms, I had the noteable opportunity and particular responsibility to safeguard our nation's future course for ample and sustainable growth. Moreover, I am now equally thrilled being able to take part in shaping and thus contributing to the future of european development.