Kurt Bodewig Bundesminister a.D.

Commission “Sustainable Traffic Infrastructure Financing”

The conference of the transport ministers of the federal states of Germany (VMK) appointed the commission “Sustainable transport infrastructure financing”. I was pleased to head this commission, which created a concept for the future regarding the financing of the necessary of building and maintenance of street, railways and waterways in Germany. The concept was finished until September 29th 2013 and presented on October 2nd 2013 in a special VMK. The so-called “Bodewig-Commission”, included seven state-ministers of different german states and the state secretary of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development presented a proposal, which was accepted with small changes by a 16:0 vote of the VMK. At the same time, the Bodewig-Commission created a concept with support of the States- and Federal Government.

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